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Rock ‘n’ rollers at DC VegFest. Music and veggies go well together.

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…just speak fucking English for Chrissakes, clearly and without any Goddamn accents, so I dont have to stand there REPEATEDLY asking “WTF are you saying??? I cant understand you!”
W Stuart Rose, formerly of Pentagram back in the day, bitching on Facebook. Predictably, several others followed suit in the thread.
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Since King Diamond is going back on tour, here’s a couple of Mercyful Fate pics for Throwback Friday (instead of Thursday). September 1993 at the Bayou in Washington DC.

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Razoreater is a brutal grindcore five-piece band somewhat in the style of Nasum or Rotten Sound, and the band released a split live cassette with Oblivionized, and three-piece grind act.

The cassette can be ordered or downloaded for name your price on Bandcamp. Also, pro video of the show where the cassette was recorded is online. 

There’s more info on the bands, video, and links at the Deciblog.

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The Mongoblaster has a free grindcore record, and who doesn’t like free stuff? Here’s our review.

The Mongoblaster has a free grindcore record, and who doesn’t like free stuff? Here’s our review.

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If your belief system is not founded in an objective reality, you should not be making decisions that affect other people.
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A message from Voivod’s online merch store

Unfortunately the Iron Gang Factory is shutting down… So this is your last chance to buy original Voivod’s items for some ridiculous prices. Discount on everything because everything must go!

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Musket Hawk playing at the Cellar Door in Virginia, 9-13-14.

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Dismember playing in Manassas, Virginia in 1993.

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The Israeli government has quietly acknowledged Hamas leaders had no role in the abduction of three Israeli teens that led to a massive raid in the West Bank and the ensuing Gaza assault. According to the New York Times, documents released by Israeli police “provide no evidence that the top leaders of Hamas directed or had prior knowledge of the plot to abduct the three Israeli youths.” The Israeli newspaper Haaretz reports Israeli intelligence has concluded the abduction “was carried out by an independent cell.”
Taken from Democracy Now!
Israeli Officials Admit Hamas Leadership Had No Part in Kidnappings