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Peter Cusack is a field recordist, musician and researcher who has traveled to areas of major environmental devastation, nuclear sites, big landfill dumps, edges of military zones and other potentially dangerous places. He has been to the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone; the Caspian Oil Fields in Azerbaijan; ‘London Gateway’ the new port on the River Thames where massive dredging severely damages the underwater environment; the Aral Sea, Kazakhstan, which is now being partially restored after virtually disappearing due to catastrophic water misuse.

While most of these locations have been extensively discussed in articles and documented in images, we don’t know what a day in any of these places sounds like. With his field recordings, however, Cusack gives us an idea of what a radiometer with a cuckoo in the background in Pripyat sounds like. Or what it is like to hear the wind whistling by the Sizewell nuclear power stations. These recording belong to a practice that the artist calls sonic journalism. The discipline is an audio complement and companion to images and language. Using field recordings and careful listening, sonic journalism provides valuable insights into the atmosphere of a particular site.

You can listen to some of the field recordings online (Sounds from Chernobyl + Caspian Oil and UK Sites.) Some are very moving.

Check out the CDs and accompanying book that bring together extensive field recordings, photos and writing from the work in Chernobyl, Caspian oil, and UK sites

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Spotify is a great way for most musicians to make money. By most musicians, I mean a superstar economy of 1% who account for 77% of all artist revenue from streaming. And by “money” I mean the $0.007 per stream that most artists receive.

Step in Vulfpeck, the half-Jewish German-American rhythm section, who decided to play the system by recording a totally silent album and persuading their one thousand strong fans to put the album on repeat whilst they slept.

Through the streams the band would then be able to work out where most of their fans were playing their album and then plan the tour around that. This tour would be funded by all the streams so every show would be totally free.

The idea almost seems like something KLF (the notorious band who burnt a million pounds) would have thought of if they were around in the internet age. When they’re not cruising at 0 decibels, the band’s music sounds like the best parts of the early 2000s yacht rock revival with my personal favourite of the non-silent songs being “Outro”.

When I emailed Spotify about the project they responded with “it’s a clever stunt but we prefer Vulfpeck’s earlier albums. Sleepify seems derivative of John Cage’s work”, which is the best backhanded compliment any band could expect.

The band has taken this all tongue in cheek and have tweeted regularly about how important the tracklisting of the silent album is to them and if people could stop torrenting it. please don’t “shuffle” sleepify.

i know this might come of snobbish, but we spent a lot of time on track order. — Vulfpeck (@vulfpeck) March 12, 2014 

I talked to the band’s frontman Jack Stratton about the success of the stunt and how easy it is to record a silent album.


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Mudhoney played the Grey Eagle in Asheville, as part of the “Transfigurations II” festival - a celebration of Harvest Records’ 10-year anniversary. A little more info on Mudhoney is here.

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Throwback Thursday: Impetigo playing at a Rhode Island death fest, April 1992.

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Looking forward to Biophilia Live coming to a theater near my town. Here’s details on the tour of the film.

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Entombed in 1992, playing the Bayou in Washington, DC. Throwback Thursday!

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Occult 45 (pictured) and Ramlord are going on tour shortly, and probably would like you to show up and drink a lot of beer. Here’s the details.

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The band A Warm Gun reunited for a 10-year anniversary gig at Barclay House in Baltimore.

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Tweet from some White House gathering, while Ferguson is hosting SWAT teams.