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Throwback Thursday: Impetigo playing at a Rhode Island death fest, April 1992.

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Looking forward to Biophilia Live coming to a theater near my town. Here’s details on the tour of the film.

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Entombed in 1992, playing the Bayou in Washington, DC. Throwback Thursday!

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Occult 45 (pictured) and Ramlord are going on tour shortly, and probably would like you to show up and drink a lot of beer. Here’s the details.

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The band A Warm Gun reunited for a 10-year anniversary gig at Barclay House in Baltimore.

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Tweet from some White House gathering, while Ferguson is hosting SWAT teams.

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We are here to serve & protect


AT this point why do we even bother

Fuck this man



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Image from People for the American Way.

Image from People for the American Way.

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"Seance" is the new video from Tombs. It shows that the band is one with the cosmos. Plus the video is trippy and the song is heavy. If "Seance" is any indication, the album Savage Gold should be awesome. Check it out: